The NEMesis of Bitcoin? An almost unknown cryptocurrency, re-discovered. NEM, the New Economy Movement

Unless you have been hiding under a rock all these years since Bitcoin was invented, you have heard about crypto money. If you are reading/watching mainstream media, you most likely are caught in a web of disinformation, semi-truths, fear mongering and (anti)hype.

Not only about Bitcoin itself, but about blockchain technology in general, and all the other crypto currencies (‘altcoins’) out there.


NEM (ticker symbol XEM) – probably  still ‘the biggest crypto currency you have never heard of.’ 😉

While geeks and nerds and dreamers of a better world have been following cryptos for a long time now and have actively participated in the ‘early adoption’, the short-term ROI greed crowd arrived only about 2 years ago – and is doing their best to ruin the perspective and the future of crypto.


But let’s not get into this right now.

Just so much: crypto is still in its infancy. And there are some infants, like NEM, that will become pretty handsome big lads when things really get started.

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XAPO – how to grow into a failure. (Do NOT use Xapo Debit Card or Bitcoin online wallet without reading this!)

Xapo ( started out as an online Bitcoin wallet for micro payments.

And they were very useful in the beginning.

You could collect small Bitcoin payments (e.g. from faucets) in your Xapo wallet, avoiding the absurd blockchain fees, then withdraw it to your real wallet, pay other Xapo users without fees, etc.

Pretty cool.

There were always issues with their support, and their mobile app was a bit annoying, but hey, it worked, and was more or less free.

I had a Xapo account, had it verified, and was using it here and there.

Then Xapo expanded and ventured into potentially more lucrative business models – like Bitcoin based debit cards.

Everything about Xapo is funny: their claims, their Bitcoin price, and, most of all, their ‘support’…

They updated their Xapo mobile app – and it greeted old users with the demand to go through the onboarding process again.

‘Hey, let’s start with entering your phone number…’

Goddamnit, you n00bs, you HAVE my phone number… let me access my account…

But yeah, well… let’s get it done.

Their phone verification system sucks – it sends out the text messages with the confirmation code so late that the code is not accepted any more… the alternative (receive an automated voice call with the code) was equally useful.

After a couple hours the system managed to give me ONE code in time, the app accepted the code… and: error message.


‘Trying to validate an already validated cert, or to update a cert that hasn’t been validated yet.’

M’kay, Xapo. Whatever that might be, it does not exactly give me access to my ooooold account.

Web login still worked incl. 2FA, so I contacted Xapo support, described the problem, provided screenshot, was quite polite (in the beginning).

Answers: most epic fail to understand (or even try to understand) the problem, total useless fluff, and between the lines a very clear ‘I SO don’t care if you can use the app or not, just fuck off, we HATE customers.’

OK Xapo – your wish has been granted.

I have requested to close my account (you can not do that yourself in their online account management, btw. a clear breach of regulations in Europe), let’s see if they get THAT done, at least.

I still had a few Satoshi in my account, of course those are forfeit, since Xapo does not allow you to withdraw small amounts to external addresses.

Combine that ‘support experience’ with those of countless others, add the mostly terrible user experiences with the Xapo debit card that you can read all over the web, and several instances of Bitcoin theft (not releasing BTC balances after declining to verify submitted ID documents for arbitrary ‘reasons’), tons of scam accusations – and you might come to the conclusion that you do NOT want to use ANY of the Xapo services. 

Xapo could still be the best micro payment solution for people who want to pay/receive small amounts of Bitcoin without horrendous fees.

They fucked that up, too – by growing beyond their skills and sacrificing support quality along the road. 

A deadly mistake. 

There are better Bitcoin Debit Card providers out there, and Bitcoin-based micro-payments will finally stop being a pain in the ass once and Bitcache go live.

Byebye, Xapo. No tears shed. 







Best Laugh in a Looong Time: the lovable crypto-scam called ‘JesusCoin’

Seriously. It will make your day. Or you are a humorless cunt, beyond help and salvation. 😀

Read my Steemit-article on it, then do yourself a favor and read their ‘whitepaper’.

Here you go, heretic:

So #Authorship Bounty program was another #fraud… forget that platform.

The Authorship bounty program turned out to be a scam.

When announced their ICO they offered a ‘bounty program’.

Giving them your email address would get you free 75 ATS tokens (planned worth a bit over 10 Bucks, less now that the platform has shown to be just another rip-off).

Referring others would give you another 75 tokens per person referred.

Authorship fueled the frenzy by posting ‘leaderboards’, like any good MLM ponzi pyramid scam would do, and there were a LOT of people drawn to the free tokens and a lot of people, dead, alive, real, fiction were referred.

That is life.

If you use a referral program and push it aggressively, expect fraudulent sign-ups.

Get your act together and sort them out. Or swallow the toad and pay out everyone, including the cheaters.

I personally had just a handful of – legit – referrals, but the way Authorship handled this after the ICO went through is despicable.

Oh wait, what happened?

Authorship paid out the tokens to those who actually invested Ether. I can confirm that (I invested a symbolic amount).

But almost everyone who took part in the bounty program got screwed.

They posted a lengthy and lame excuse, blaming everybody but themselves, and, concluding this Hillary-level bullshit, announced that everybody who took part in the bounty program would NOT receive any tokens, but instead an incredible wonderful coupon code that might be used in case their platform ever gets done and you can actually buy books there in the distant future…

Not holding my breath.

(More likely they will change their business model and sell all the personal data and email / ether addresses they collected with the form where you could claim your fake-tokens.)

Posting that 3 books coupon code publicly is another middle finger to anyone who helped them promote their fake-bounty program:

now everybody on the freaking Interwebz gets the same reward as people who actually worked to make that ICO work… maybe you really had those difficulties that you describe in your rant, maybe not.

What you did now will result in one thing: nobody trusts you any more.

You can fuck right off.


P.S.: and really, Authorship dudes – even if your whining was legit – how are you supposed to run a book publishing platform for many thousand authors (and all the fake submissions, and all the fraudulent customers, etc.etc…) if you can’t even handle your own referral program? LOL much.

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So Bitcoin was a Scam. Now we shoot ourselves. Right?

Bitcoin dropped about 2.000 Dollars over the past days.

Most other crypto-currencies suffered as well.

bitcoin-crash1.pngPanic much. For some.

The scam artists of the fiat fraud system (JPMorgan etc…) of course bang the drums, calling Bitcoin a SCAM (while working frantically on their own, useless, blockchain attempt, which will certainly be a scam).


So now we are scared shitless, waive white flags, sell at whatever price, and never touch crypto again, probably even head the old advice for Wallstreet banksters: “Jump, you fuckers!”


Did you look at the image I used for this post?

Look again.


We have come a long way.

Bitcoin ain’t no fucking tulips – and that story is BS anyways, by the way.

JPMorgan is a bunch of criminal creeps and clueless.

‘North Korean hackers targeting Bitcoin platforms’ is a psy-op, just like ‘Russian election hacking’. BS to cover up other BS. Does not matter for BTC price action, at least not in the long run.

Yes, the Chinese and some other government cunts can’t leave anything alone that is actually working for the people, so meddling will occur, here and there.

Prices will jump, up and down, for a long time still.

Ease your mind, be Zen as Fuck, trade up or down, or just don’t look at the charts for six months.

Crypto is not going anywhere.

And no, this is not where we shoot ourselves.

This is where we have a good cup of tea and then start riding the waves. Again. And again. And again.



P.S.: max consolidation level after the big rally of the past months: $2400
That is where I will buy more. But most likely we will not even hit that.

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Should Ethics matter in the world of Bitcoin and Crypto?

reddit-anti-ethics-crusader-coinermanMinutes after I had posted my little rant about Wirex and other companies that hold BTC for their users and did not handle the BitcoinCash fork in a transparent and ethical way (see last blog post), a ‘new’ user joined Reddit, started bashing my post, questioning the legitimacy of ‘claiming BitcoinCash’ and, while at it, crusading against the ‘nonsense’ that business ethics should matter in the world of crypto.


He was probably just some poor employee with the mission to ‘correct the record’, so let’s not get hung up too much with that person.

However, replies and votes on our posts and the general attitude in crypto-nerd bubbles like /r/btc show that he is not alone with this view of things.

Everyone who thinks crypto companies should act in a responsible and ethical way is an ‘idiot’.

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#BitcoinCash – which companies #scammed you out of your claims? #Wirex seems to be one of them…

The Bitcoin fork earlier this year that led to a separate cryptocurrency, BitcoinCash (symbol usually BCH, some use BCC), was seen as a big scam or ‘coingrab’ by some, as an overdue improvement by others.

More info on BitcoinCash, the fork, and why you are entitled to have the same amount of BCH that you held in BTC at the time of the fork on their official website:

In any case it was a nice cash-airdrop for anyone who held Bitcoins (BTC) at the time of the fork: automatically, after the fork, you would own the exact same amount of BitcoinCash (BCH) on the new blockchain. IF you could get it. Continue reading